Gift Photo Experience

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What is it that excites us about seeing pictures? They stir in us memories, emotions and connects us to a time that is passed, but also convey something timeless. What moments will I catch for you that will make you smile? I don't know. But I can't wait to find out.


First we meet and talk about what you want and what you expect. This helps me to understand your vision and expectations. Then we schedule a time and a place. I prefer to work with natural light in natural settings. but where we take your photos is up to you. The location could be a park, your backyard, the forest, a pond, river, or beach, an alley, your house, school, or place of business, or, while doing your favorite activity. Whatever you choose it becomes a "My Photo My Place" experience. The choice is yours as I will travel anywhere within the San Diego area. Travel to other areas can be discussed as well.


Afterwards, allow up to 1 week processing time for standard portraits. Once your entire gallery is ready, I will email you a link for viewing. In the email there will be a link titled, "See My Photos." Click on the link to see the photos.

Your Gallery will remain online for 30 days to allow you to share, and purchase. After that, they will be removed. Should you need more time, more time may be purchased.


Prints and many other items may be purchased through my website and then delivered to your home. Also, digital forms may be downloaded for a small fee and used on social media - digital downloads are not full resolution images  but great for online use.