• Cooking Dinner

    Girl preparing dinner in a Naxi kitchen over an open flame. This is the way they have been cooking for hundreds of years and still do every day. There is electricity but used little.

  • Salting Pork

    After cleaning the pigs and peparring the cuts of meat, they are then heavily salted and then hung in the rafters to dry throughout the winter. They have no refrigeration so everything must be eaten or preserved. The family uses this meat all year long until the next year when they kill a few more pigs.

  • Naxi "NaiNai" or Grandma with Grandson

    For the most part the grandparents raise their grandchildren because the parents are usually off working at jobs for long hours in different cities and don't have time for their kids.

  • Salted Pork

    The father preparing the meat for his family for the coming year.

  • Spock the Chicken

    "Spock the Chicken" ~ By Isabelle On a cold and gloomy afternoon, I was walking around a friend’s village house, when I noticed a shivering chicken. There was something wrong with him. So I gently went over and started petting him. My heart was tender toward this vulnerable animal. I picked him up and pondered a name for this chicken.   Spock seemed fitting for him so that is what I named him. I walked around carrying and placing him in different locations around the yard. No matter how I positioned him, he seemed awkwardly uncomfortable. My sister, Amelie and my mom walked up. They had been watching the other chickens make their way into the pig pen and up to the roof. We were near the pig pen and Amelie told me   “put spock with the pigs.” She already noticed chickens walking through the pig pen. So I did. When I put spock in the pen, the pigs rushed over to him and quickly devoured him. My mom tried to console me. She said, “Spock experienced a lot of love right before he died.” I met and said goodbye to my friend Spock too soon that day.

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